Antivirus - Failed to install sme64: general error #Sophos Central

During these days we faced several devices with below error (on Sophos Central console)

Failed to install sme64: general error

Due to this error no updates was no longer received on endpoints.

This is Sophos article that fixed problem (certificate error)

[update 2022.10.13]

Here it is a similar article that could be useful to be applied:

Sophos Central: Installation Failures due to Automatic Root Certificates Update being disabled

Sophos Central: Locate the Central Endpoint SSL certificate

Consider that, in my expirience, it could be useful, navigate to below weblink

or apply, original sophos article, related to below steps:

  1. Access the file referenced in the log:
    • C:\Program Files\Sophos\Sophos ML Engine\ML1\docmodel\<timestamp>\docmodel.dll
      • Note: In this case, <timestamp> is the name of the folder specific to the device.
  2. Access the Properties of the file docmodel.dll.
  3. Click the Digital Signatures tab.
  4. Select Sophos Ltd in the Signature list and click Details.
  5. Click View Certificate and then click the Install Certificate...
  6. On the Certificate Import Wizard select Store Location Local Machine and click Next.
  7. Leave the default option Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate selected and click Next, then Finish.
  8. The message 'The import was successful' should be displayed. Click OK to exit the windows.
  9. Once imported, on the next update the Sophos ML Engine should install.