Monitor - Syslog using PRTG or Kiwi Syslog Server

On old blog article I already mentioned several monitoring/security tools

I am highlighting Kiwi Syslog Server that permit to:

  1. Centrally manage syslog messages, snmp traps and windows Event logs.
  2. Store and archive logs, receive promptly alerts based on critical events.
  3. Respornd to syslog messages
  4. Email alerting
  5. Diagnose network issues

Freeware - SolarWinds All Free Network/System/Security/DB/clients monitoring tools


About configuring Kiwi Syslog on Cisco devices, here it is a small guide/tutorial

Kiwi Syslog Server Getting Started Guide

About configuring Syslog, on Cisco ASA, you can review this guide:

ASA Syslog Configuration Example


At the same time I would like to mention that PRTG (free up to 100 sensors) has possibility to use sensor acting as syslog server

Here they are old PRTG blog articles

Server - PRTG Network Monitor Tool

Monitoring - PRTG monitors freeware version until 100 sensors