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During these years I had necessity to recover various files (.doc, mdb, .xls, photos...)  I utilized various free tools (here is an exampl...

Windows 10 - Outlook pop3 problems with Clearos

During these days I faced a strange  behavior.

Here is situation:

  1. Windows 10 Professional/Enterprise pc.
  2. ClearOs domain.
  3. Outlook 201x and pop3 email.
We had problems configuring domain account and outlook with pop3

Problem did not happened when we configured outlook utilizing pc still joined to domain but with local account.

Credential manager was not accessible (trust relationship error).

Looking on internet it was a known issue that required register change.

After that problem was succesfully solved...


And add a new DWORD (32bit) subkey whit the following name "ProtectionPolicy" and set the value to 1.