Windows 10 - Quick assist a free Teamviewer alternative

There is an interesting built in feature inside Windows 10 that permit to receive and give remote assistance (inside and externally your organization).

This feature is named "Quick Assist" and is easily usable finding it in yours Windows 10 device (secondly you need to authenticate using your Microsoft account):

Relative usage is well explained in below articles:

In present article I would like to share how to give remote assistance and execute applications, on remote client, that needs administrative rights.

Key point is necessity to create a proper GPO (or change client gpedit.msc settings) as below.

What I suggest is to make some changes in your GPO on how the UAC presents itself but does not turn it off.

Computer Configuration/Windows Settings/Security Settings//Local Policies/Security Options



User Account Control: Allow UIAccess applications to prompt for elevation without using the secure desktop


User Account Control: Switch to the secure desktop when prompting for elevation


After this change you will be able to execute administrative software on remote computers.

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Tips - Outlook 2016, Gmail Account, IMAP/POP3, two factor authentication (2FA). How to

During this time period I had necessity to configure Outlook 2016 in conjunction with gmail email account

Considering that gmail email account had 2FA configuration was possible generating a specific account password related Outlook 2016.

Here they article that I followed.

Hoping that these information will be useful for someone.

Multimedia - Easily Convert CD to MP3 with Album/track info, mp3 Cut, youtube to mp3/download and mp3 Tag Editor

During these days I was trying to rip different Audio CD to .mp3 format and automatically find track and album info.

At the same time I searched about mp3/Youtube tools that are below indicated.

All these software are freeware.

1. FreeRip CD to mp3 converter with Tracks and Album info.

2. Fre:ac CD to mp3 converter with Tracks and Album info.

3. If you want to convert your videos/audio on line you can use the following link :

4. mp3DirectCut It is an easy tool to cut mp3 music:

5. Mp3 Tag editor :

6. Free youtube to mp3 converter

7. Free youtube download:

8. CD to MP3 Freeware

[update 2015.12]

9. Youtube to mp3 on line website:

[update 2021.10.16]

10. MP4 to mp3 converter

EXCEL - CONDITIONAL SUM = SUM.If (A1: A7, "<> # N / A")

Excel has a conditional function formula that execute sum based on some criteria.

Here it is command that sums all cells values except the one that has N/A value"

= SOMMA.SE (A1: A7, "<> # N / A")

= SUM.IF (A1: A7, "<> # N / A")

Tips - Windows 10 20H2 KB5006670 installation Error 0x800f081f

During these weeks I tried to install KB5006670 patch but it was unsuccessful. Each time installation ended with 0x800f081f error code.

I solved problem manual downloading, and installing, below patch: