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It is simple necessary to insert, on web form, few personal/working information and download link is available.

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On blog you can review old blog posts at below link:

Teams - New version faster and with less memory usage

Microsoft, released, during these days, a new Teams versions that it should be decisevely faster and with less memory usage.

This is official Microsoft article.

Here you can find other blog teams related articles:

Teams - How to disable message reading acknowledgement

Citrix - Teams installation & Remote Assistance Request/Offer limitation

Active Directory - FSMO Seizing, DRSM Password Reset and Dc health checks/best practices

As mentioned on old blog posts it is important to know which DCs (in your domain/Forest) are holding five Active directory roles using this command line.

netdom query fsmo

At the same time it is important to test your DCs health.

If you are facing unlike situation that DCs holding all 5 Ad roles (or few of them)  are no longer working you should start planning Seizing roles activity.

Here it is a Microsoft article that well apply to all Microsoft Server versions.

Here they are other important suggests:
  1. Microsoft best practices suggest to have at least a Physical Domain controller indeed to have all them virtualized:
  2. I warmly suggest to check all your server and to have local Administrator password (and account enabled).
  3. To check, on all your servers/Dcs to have indicated DNS1, DNS2 and DNS3 pointing to active DCs/DNS
  4. Have 5 AD roles splitted between at least two domain controllers.
  5. About Domain controllers have DRSM Administrator password, if not known proceed to have it resetted.

Firewall - How to backup configuration #PALO ALTO

Here it is official article that well explain on how to backup Palo Alto configuration.

Below you can find relative explicative screenshot.

Firewall - What happens when licenses Expires #PALO ALTO

I am taking note about what happen when Palo Alto licenses expires.

These are weblinks that well explain all details:

Be Aware that if you get unexpected Firewall/VM reboot only 1200 internet sessions are supported. (and this is a big problem in case license renew process is not yet completed)

Indeed here are located Palo Articles that explains how to proceed with license renewal process

Action Required:

To complete the credit renewal process, you will need to follow the instruction in the following document

Tech Docs: