Server - SSH Server on line for free

There is a website that, after registration, you might have SSH credentials, for free.

This service is up and running since 1987

Outlook - OWA .EML download procedure

If you utilize Outlook through OWA you might need to download .EML email format file.

To enable this feature you must follow these steps 

  • Settings --> Customize actions --> Download

Cisco - ISE password recovery/Reset

I am taking note, on blog, about Cisco ISE procedure that is necessary, to be followed, in case admin password expired/do not work properly

Consider that you should, proceed to https Ise Admin password account reset too.

Application reset-passwd ise admin

After Cisco ISE Server reboot, through vmware/HyperVisore console, you should check that all services are up and running, using this command

Show application status ise

Finally, after password reset, you should save Cisco ISE running config.

Copy running-config startup-config

Sophos - Sophos Central APIs interaction

There is possibility, on Sophos Central, to create API user for task automating, remote tools interacting, like ticket creation, end point enumeration and so on.

Mainly you will be able to call Sophos Central APIs, here it is relative link:

Cloud - Ireland Datacenter expansions problems due to climate changes and power consumption

Ireland Datacenter expansions problems due to climate changes and power consumption, here it is an interesting italian article that well explain Ireland problems faced (but these problems should impact any other country as well)