Telefonia - JoikuShare per trasformare il cellulare in un Media Server

Segnalo quest'interessante applicazione JoikuShare che verrà presto rilasciata dalla casa produttrice del relativo prodotto JoikuSpot che permette di trasformare uno smartphone in un hot spot wifi.

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Invece il prodotto JoikuShare permette di trasformare il proprio cellulare in un Media Server per condividere, via wifi, musica, video con altri dispositivi (pc, smartphone, televisori).

Ecco uno stralcio della presentazione:

"Joiku will soon roll out a new mobile app called JoikuShare.
JoikuShare will allow local WiFi sharing of media libraries from your smartphone without a need for 3G connection. You can choose which media libraries to share, e.g. music, ppt, or images/videos or contacts, and who gets to access them. Both download and upload is possible. Local WiFi sharing enables to use WiFi for easy sharing of phone contents with friends and devices like laptops and internet tablets. You can e.g. make a presentation with your phone and share your ppt as a downloadable to the audience while presenting, using JoikuShare and JoikuShare created local WiFi network. 
JoikuShare will launch soon for publics. At this point, we are inviting Beta users to be amongst the first to get the downloadable in your smartphone. Please join today, and also take part of the short user survey on the primary use cases for JoikuShare. With your input we shall make sure the top use cases are enabled at the public launch, and that the features you recommend will be part of the product. We will comment on the supported phone platforms later on, but certainly, such will be beyond Symbian:)