SCCM 2012 - Manage Linux Client

System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager supports: (SCCM 2012 with and without SP1 does the same maybe with less supported S.O.

Mac Client:

  • Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
  • Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)
  • Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
UNIX/Linux Client:

  • AIX Version 7.1, 6.1, 5.3
  • Solaris Version 11, 10, 9
  • HP-UX Version 11iv2 , 11iv3
  • RHEL Version 6 , 5, 4
  • SLES Version 11, 10, 9
  • CentOS Version 6, 5
  • Debian Version 6, 5
  • Ubuntu Version 12.4 LTS, 10.4 LTS
  • Oracle Linux 6, 5
1. To install you must:

Otherwise you can use the following link:

2. Extract binaries, copy to linux server

You must go to command line

chmod +x install

3. Install the client:

./install -mp sccm.server2008r2.lab.local-sitecode P01 ccm.Universalx64.

4. To view realtime log:
tail -F /var/opt/microsoft/scxcm.log

5. scxcm.log contained in /var/opt/microsoft/. How that log file gets written to is governed by the following configuration file /opt/microsoft/configmgr/etc/scxcm.conf.
Original info:

PATH: /var/opt/microsoft/scxcm.log
MODULE: scx.client WARNING

With VI change it like below:
PATH: /var/opt/microsoft/scxcm.log
MODULE: scx.client TRACE
6. To start the service:

/etc/init.d/ccmexecd start

To stop the service:
/etc/init.d/ccmexecd stop
7. From SCCM console you must approve linux System 

8. On linux system to request policies you must use the following command:
/opt/microsoft/configmgr/bin/ccmexec -rs policy

9. You can give the following command to view log:
tail -F /var/opt/microsoft/scxcm.log

10. To force hardware inventory:
/opt/microsoft/configmgr/bin/ccmexec -rs hinv

N.B. on your Configuration Manager server, you can check the MP_HINV.log and look for the HINV details from our Centos computer coming in…