Azure - Some useful information

During this days I had the opportunity to use Windows Azure.

With this solution you will use Microsoft Cloud and create relative virtual machine where you will access through RDP.

Usually it will be created a VPN Gateway to Gateway so the VM it would be in our lan.

Consider that server would have only DHCP and not static IP.

Consider that the first 3 IP are reserved.

For you server you must choose IP Class (nella classe, o

Azure hasn't fireall (broadcast and IPv6 are not supported).

Every VM has VIP (Public Virtual IP address). The public IP can be used from different VM 

Inside Azure there are Predifined VM templates so you don't need to create from the beginning a VM.

Anyway you have the opportunity to upload any personal ISO.

If you are interested about the price it's connected to the type of processor choosen (the ram amount is predefined for every CPU) and the storage that can be upgraded.

If you would like further information you can take a look to the following article:

How to setup a trial version of Azure 

[original article]