Linux - Samba 4.1.0 Available for Download

About new features :
Here  some updates:
Client tools support SMB2/3
Samba 4.1.0 contains the first release of our client tools
and client library that work over the new protocols SMB2 or SMB3.
Note that SMB3 only works either to a Samba server version 4.0.0
or above, or to a Windows Server running Windows 2012 or Windows 8.
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Directory database replication (AD DC mode)
Directory replication has been reworked in order to improve the
correctness and efficiency.
As a net effect of it, replication with other domain controllers with
a heavily modified schema is now possible (ie. Windows 2012 DCs or
other Windows DC with exchange installed) and replication didn't fail
anymore in such environments.

RUNNING Samba 4.1 as an AD DC
A short guide to setting up Samba as an AD DC can be found on the wiki: