VMM 2012 - Installation Tutorial

System Center 2012 - Virtual Machine Manager delivers industry leading fabric managment, virtual machine management and services deployment in private cloud environments.

One of the most anticipated products for the next year and that is part of the System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012, the management tool that allows you to manage virtualization infrastructure based on the 3 major vendors: Microsoft, VMware and Citrix.

This tool has become so powerful that you can manage from a single interface not only virtualization infrastructure of an entire data center, but also a "Private Cloud".
The term Private Cloud refers to the set of resources and elements of computerized infrastructure that enables the creation, automation, management of the life cycle and especially the ability to have self-service automated processes. It is therefore important not to confuse virtualization with Cloud, as the virtualization platform is just one of the elements that form the "Cloud".

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Step by step tutorial VMM 2012 R2 installation: