Cloud - Some useful Cloud Solution

1 . Soonr Workplace product, Which is Relatively inexpensive , can be integrated with AD , Has a very important security management , a dashboard to manage users , permissions , log ( On access but Also on the activities made ​​on the file). Not Only That, it Also Has The functionality (not only Among other things ) for document scanning, OCR and adding signatures (the Latter obviously makes sense on touch devices) . Everything is designed to give the teamwork and safety . Some goodies , how to delete corporate data on a private device in case of theft or loss of the device , are quite useful . The object is brilliant from the point of view of the retailer, it is possible to resell and / or rimarchiarlo ... it seems then that the partnership program provides attractive incentives even after the first sale. I said it because a) I am convinced that retailers have to wake up and sell cloud solutions , b ) because it is not always easy to find this type of solution .

2 . SpiderOak ( ) , for example, uses a system is particularly effective for privacy : all files, in fact , they are first encrypted using special algorithms (a combination of RSA 2048-bit and 256-bit AES ) and then transferred to the server , thus ensuring that each of them is actually protected before being uploaded . In this way, each byte transferred on the servers of the company is totally inaccessible to the latter as much as any external eyes , because the procedure of encryption is done directly on your PC. SpiderOak offers 2 GB of storage for free , with paid plans that allow you to expand the space available. Its use is by means of a special client that handles the transfer of files and their synchronization in case they are making changes , and is provided also a version for the major mobile platforms . 

3 . In the same vein lies Wuala ( ), another cloud storage service that encrypts files on your computer before uploading . The main advantages of this service reside in storage made ​​available for free ( 5GB ) , plans to pay considerably more flexible and especially in the segmentation of the files : they are in fact divided into several parts , and each was loaded onto a different server, thus increasing significantly in the level of security offered. 

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