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Free Disk Analyzer 1.0 is a software tool program that enables users to discover quickly the large files on their computers, disks and drives, and allows them to organize them to optimize disk usage.

With this program, users can find the largest files on any selected drive or folder, by folder size, average file size, or number of files. Free disk Analyzer 1.0 presents users with an easy to use interface that displays the information they need via graphs and provides sorting functionality by displaying columns too. The interface looks and feels just like a part of windows.

The friendly format of Free Disk Analyzer 1.0 allows users to quickly sort out and organize large video files, photo and archived files, as well as data files. From this program, files can be moved elsewhere, even to a back-up drive or disk, and can be viewed, opened or deleted the same way as in Windows Explorer. The program will show up empty files or folders allowing them to be deleted to free up space as well as files that are no longer used. Reducing the number of large size directories with Free Disk Analyzer 1.0 speeds up computer performance and un-clutters files such as video files that have been cached by sites such as YouTube or Google Video or other video sites and that are no longer need.

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