Tips - Enable and Disable Google++ Autosharing option

Using blogspot I observed that post, suddenly, share automatically without having the ability to choose preffered group.

To solve/modify this issue I followed, in this steps:

  1. Login to your dash board.
  2.  Click on Google + tab. There are three options available as explained in the image below.

  3. Automatically share after post (first option): This option enables or disable the auto sharing on Google+. 
  4. Promote to share after posting (second option): If you don't want that your post is automatically published then you can check this option. This options allows you to share your blog post after it is published. A popup box will open in which you can enter little info, hash-tags etc.

  5.     Use Google + comments (Thirth option): This option enables the new Google + comment  system into your blog. This is also a new feature provided by Google.
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Disabling auto sharing on Google +

To disable this auto sharing option,  simply uncheck the first option i.e. "Automatically share after post". (first option) and enabling the second option "Promote to share after posting" to decide how to share the relative post