Vmware - Vmware Converter utility and consideration

VMware® vCenter Converter Standalone is a product to convert virtual and physical machines to VMware virtual machines. 

This tool give you the ability to convert remote client/Server too and executing post migration task (like disk resize, network changes and so on )

here they are official documentation and Vmware Converter download link:


VMware vCenter Converter Standalone User's Guide


VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Documentation


With this article I wouuld like to focalize on some il limitation and best practices that are well explained here:


  1. If the source is a domain controller, special considerations must be made. VMware does not recommend virtualizing an active domain controller with Converter. For more information, see Virtualizing existing domain controllers (1006996).
  2. If the source is Microsoft Exchange, SQL, or other database server, VMware recommends that the application (Microsoft Exchange/SQL) and database services be shut down prior to conversion. This minimizes any chance of corrupted database tables or stale data in the destination virtual machine.
  3. Disable the real-time antivirus scanning during the conversion.
  4. Read the VMware Converter Release Notes. The release notes review important limitations or issues that may affect the conversion process.
  5. Verify that you are using or have downloaded the latest version of VMware Converter. ........
  6. If the NIC on the source machine is compatible with TOE (TCP Offload Engine), you need to disable it by running this command in a command prompt on the source machine:

    netsh int tcp set global chimney=disabled  
    For additional information, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 951037.

    Note: The preceding link was correct as of November 21, 2014. If you find the link is broken, provide feedback and a VMware employee will update the link.