Network - Automated backup for your network switches with WinSCP and PowerShell

I found an interesting article that easily explain and share powershell scripts and WinSCP steps to automatically backups HP procurve switches.

I think that there could be similar ways to proceed with other vendors and models to replicate procedure.

This guide shows how to setup the backup of a HP ProCurve switch (I’ve tested it with the ProCurve 8200 series, 5400 series the 2920s, a 2626 and a 2530 all of which were running the most recent firmware) although it should be a simple matter of changing the relevant paths to make it work with other manufacturers kit (e.g. Cisco).

[UPDATE 2020.11.17]

As Syslog server you can use:

Otherwise can be a good automatic alternative.

Kiwi Syslog Cisco swithces configuration is extremely easy, here it is a simple tutorial guide

Cisco ASA configuration is more complicated, you can refer to below guide: