Privacy - Two tools to completely wipe data and create USB/CD Live

Today I would like to mention two tools that are able to create a USB/CD live to boot and decide how to better wipe your data on your Hard drives.

Both of them are for free (Hardwipe is free for personal use):

1. CopyWipe™ is a utility for copying or securely overwriting (wiping/erasing) entire hard drives. 

CopyWipe for DOS - Self-booting diskette or CD/DVD.

CopyWipe for Windows - Console-based Win32 application.

PEBuilder Plug-In - CopyWipe on a Bootable Windows DVD.

Consider that on Ultimate Boot CD 4.11 this utility was included

2. Hardwipe for Desktop is free for non-commercial use.

The Hardwipe Portable Edition provides a USB runnable alternative which can easily be combined with Windows PE to create a modern boot and nuke data sanitization solution with a graphical user interface.

Finally, Hardwipe's command line utility can easily be automated from the Windows Task Scheduler in order to prevent remnant data accumulation, offers total flexibility for power users.

Santization Commands
Hardwipe gives you the freedom to securely erase:

Physical Devices
Logical Volumes
Files & Folders
Recycler Bins
Free (unused) Drive Space
Windows Pagefile
Hardwipe provides read-back verification, report logs, and supports all major sanitization schemes, including: GOST R 50739-95, DOD 5220.22-M, Schneier and Gutmann.