Tips - Win 10 e virtual desktops

Working with virtual desktops in Windows 10
Windows 10 enables you to easily set up and switch between virtual desktops out of the box. Here are some keyboard shortcuts to help you get started:

Create a new desktop = WIN + CTRL + D
Switch to another desktop = WIN + CTRL + LEFT/RIGHT
Close the current desktop = WIN + CTRL + F4
Launch task view = WIN + TAB

[Update 2020.03.15]

more details:


There are two general settings for virtual desktop in Windows. Press Windows key + I to open Settings. Go to Systems, select Multitasking, then scroll down to Virtual desktops.

Both are automatically defaulted to Only the desktop I’m using but, depending on your preference, you can set each to show on all desktops"

Here they are some screenshots from this article: