Windows 7 - Problem Steps Recorder free windows tool psr.exe

There is an interesting Windows 7 tool called Problem Steps Recorder.

It’s intended for users that need to capture step by step actions and screenshots to illustrate a problem. 

If you create a lot of documents with screenshots or you need to document a procedure, this tool can save you a lot of time.

start --> psr.exe

After that you start recording and you press pause key, in that case you can highlight monitor section (like Windows snipped tool)  and you will acquire a monitor rectangle.

In that case after clicking on Add comment button you could add any suitable comment text.

Consider that if you need to acquire programs screenshots that was launched ad administrative rights it would be better to execute psr.exe with more permissions.

Consider that this tool acquire up to 25 screenshots, if you need to increase this value you need to click on settings:

When you will stop acquiring you will save a .mht file

This file will be viewable on your browser.

Here is an examplificative youtube video:

Snip Tip

You may have noticed I captured the Start menu in one of my screenshots.  This trick is outlined in the Snipping tool help. To capture a menu: Start the tool; Press Esc; Display the menu; Press Ctrl+Prnt Scrn and then use the snipping tool to capture the menu.