Windows 10 - Pro Workstation announcement about new release

Microsoft is going to release, during next months, following win 10 version:

This announcement due to fact actually Windows 10 has this hardware limitation and often for particular activities on Workstation Microsoft server edition are installed as welle: 

  •  2 CPU, 256 cores and up to 2TB. RAM.
Windows 10 pro for Workstation is going to have these features:

  • ReFS (Resilient file system) support. (new Microsoft file system)
    ReFS provides cloud-grade resiliency for data on fault-tolerant storage spaces and manages very large volumes with ease. ReFS is designed to be resilient to data corruption, optimized for handling large data volumes, auto-correcting and more. It protects your data with integrity streams on your mirrored storage spaces. Using its integrity streams, ReFS detects when data becomes corrupt on one of the mirrored drives and uses a healthy copy of your data on the other drive to correct and protect your precious data.
  • Persistent memory support: 
    Windows 10 Pro for Workstations provides the most demanding apps and data with the performance they require with non-volatile memory modules (NVDIMM-N) hardware. NVDIMM-N enables you to read and write your files with the fastest speed possible, the speed of the computer’s main memory. Because NVDIMM-N is non-volatile memory, your files will still be there, even when you switch your workstation off.
  • SMB Direct support and lan card based on Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA)
  • CPU Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron support till 4 CPU and  6 TB RAM.
Actually Windows 10 versions are going to become 12 (from 10):

  1. Windows 10 Home
  2. Windows 10 Pro
  3. Windows 10 Enterprise
  4. Windows 10 Education
  5. Windows 10 Pro Education
  6. Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB
  7. Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise
  8. Windows 10 Mobile
  9. Windows 10 IoT
  10. Windows 10 S
  11. Windows 10 Team
  12. Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

Here it is relative recap: