Hacker - WPA2 password crack

We are all aware about security weakness that Wi-Fi it has, that does not dipend from protocol used.

Infact Wifi it has allways some risks that could never become equal to 0.

Vulnerability found it is related to Wi-fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2). It does not permit to acquire WPA2 password but man in the middle

The idea it is that each person that is near to Wi-Fi could implement  Key Reinstallation AttaCK (KRACK) and read trassferred data between PCs and router/access point (man in the middle attack with password, email, sensitive date reading...).

this kind of attack is really efficace against Android/Linux that use wpa_supplican during wi-fi connection process  (but it could be applied to all O.S./devices as well)

You can take a look to this article that better explain an example on how to get this result.

These results could be reached using these tools:

Kali Linux, la suite per gli attacchi WiFi Aircrack-ng, il software per eliminare la protezione HTTPS denominato SSLstrip e WireShark.

Summarizing attack procedure steps:

  1. Using vulnerability it create a Wifi fake with same SSID but on different channel.
  2. It switch remote device to connect to new fake Wifi and decript all traffick that became in clear mode.
To solve issue you should:

1. Upgrade Router/access point firmware 
2. pcs/mobile devices o.s. (more urgently)

It is available this Python Script to understand if your devices is vulnerable: