Tips - Live Optics and Vmware 5.1.0 No SOAP response error

Live Optics permits collecting all Hypervisors and VM performance counters.

Live Optics (Dell EMC) is an industry standard method of impartially documenting server/storage configuration and performance as well as observing file characteristics of data. 

This approach permits to analyse existing infrastructure and help decisions about upgrade or hardware renewal as well.

Consider that SAN Optics can be utilized to conduct health assessments on your Storage Area Networks. 

Here it isproblem that we faced (and succesfully fixed):

  • We executed Live Optics software on a W2008 R2 Server related to a Vmware vCenter Server 5.1.0.
  • Collecting was not working using administrator account as well.
  • "LiveOptics_TroubleshootingTrace.txt" was showing these entries

2019-05-06Thh:mm:ss+02:00 SOAP Fault: ServerFaultCode: 
2019-05-06Thh:mm:ss+02:00 Fault detail type
ERROR: 2019-05-06Thh:mm:ss+02:00 No SOAP response!

  • We opened a Live Optics ticket.
  • Support confirmed us that problem was due to an error applicative side.
    This problem was fixed yesterday with below ne version

Live Optics