Hacker - How to find local Wireless Password

If you have necessity to find Wi-Fi password stored on your windows device (mainly Windows 10) there are several ways to obtain this result:


  1. start --> cmd with administrative rights
  2. C:\WINDOWS\system32> wlan show profiles

    identify WiFi profile name shown for which you need password
  3. C:\WINDOWS\system32> NETSH wlan show profiles xxxx key=clear

    Password will be displayed in this section

    Security settings --> Key Content
  1. You should download and launch, with administrative rights, this application
  2. Usage is very simple and shown on producer web site


  1. On Windows 10 click on start --> windows logo on icon '⚙' --> "Network & Internet" -->  'Manage known networks'
  2. Once you click,  all of your saved WiFi names will be shown and listed in a new window.

METHOD 4 (work only on wifi where you are connected to)

  1. start --> ncpa.cpl with administrative rights --> Network and Sharing Center --> Connections: Wi-Fi
  2. From the 'General' tab, click on 'Wireless Properties'.
  3. Now from the 'Security' tab, you will see saved WiFi password.
  4. You must tick on 'Show characters' to view the password.