Hacker - RDP Brute force attacks and detecting mode

Here it is an interesting Microsoft article that discuss about RDP Brute force attacks on systems that has RDP port published on internet. Focus is detecting this attack types.


Pay attention to these article sections information:

"...In the Windows operating system, whenever an attempted sign-in fails for a local machine, Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) registers Event ID 4625 with the associated username. Meanwhile, source IP addresses connected to RDP can be accessed; this information is very useful in assessing if a machine is under brute force attack. Using this information in combination with Event ID 4624 for non-server Windows machines can shed light on which sign-in sessions were successfully created and can further help in detecting if a local machine has been compromised...."

"....on. While Microsoft Defender ATP already has many anomaly detection capabilities integrated into its EDR capabilities, which enrich advanced threat protection across the broader Microsoft Threat Protection, ...."