Scripting - PowerShell 2.0 il comando Get-HotFix

Segno qui alcune info su come trovare le patch installate in un sistema utilizzando PowerShell 2.0. Da notare che in questo linguaggio di scripting risulta esserci il comando powershell Get-HotFix molto piu' avanti rispetto ai vecchi .vbs

"When an update or hotfix, and there is a distinction, is installed on a Microsoft Windows platform it is recorded by Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). The specific class is Win32_QuickFixEngineering. In the past, you might have relied on VBScript to create complex scripts to determine what hot fixes were installed on a given computer. With the arrival of Windows PowerShell, we were given a better alternative with the Get-WMIObject cmdlet. PowerShell 2.0 introduced a new tool that leverages WMI, making this even easier: Get-HotFix.”

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