Tips - Default FullZoom Level and mantain Firefox zoom level

Change Firefox zoom level can be very useful. Firefox default setting is 100% with the ability to edit the bar displays zoom, etc .. + or - unfortunately once restarted the session we will get to the point of 100% zoom, ie the default Firefox...

But if we do not want that at startup Firefox retains the settings adjusted to the previous session we can install following addon. 

here you can find more technical details:

About this Add-on

1.This extension can change Default FullZoom Level.
This extension is useful in the case of a high-definition display.

2. The zoom mode is restored every domain name or tab as well as the zoom level.

3. In the case of a local file, you can set whether zoom every file or every folder.

4. Two toolbar buttons are provided.
"A":Text Zoom BUtton.
"P":Full Zoom Button.
Left, middle, right button click will enlarge, reset and reduce page or text respectively.
Wheel button rotation will enlarge and reduce them.
And Shift+right click show up the option dialog.

5.Indicate Zoom level in Statusbar.
Left click : popup zoom level list
Middle click: reset zoom level
Right click: toggle zoom mode.

6. Keyboard shortcut:
TextZoom reduce :accel+ <(comma)
TextZoom enlarge :accel+>
Fullzoom reduce : default(accel+-)
Fullzoom reset : default(accel+0)
Fullzoom enlarge : default(accel++)
Where, An accel key may be a crtl key in Windows's keyboard.

If you want to ask something about this, please post it to the following forum.