Tips - Sitemap creation hosted BLOGGER web sites

Today I was working on google search console and I was surprised that only few pages was indexed, searching on internet I found problem resolution and applied some fixes.

Furthermore you may find more technical details and relative workflow.


  • Sitemap file functionality is used mentioning all website pages, unfortunately this is not true for websites hosted on blogger environments.

  • Default blogger XML file refers only to 26 most recent articles.

  • Consequential limitation is easy to be understood (for search engine websites visibility and indexing first)

  • You might override this limitation going to this website, indicate your website, get XML text and insert it in your blogger administration console ( Settings – > Search Preferences, the enable Custom robots.txt option (available in the Crawling and Indexing section).

In this way all search engines will discover your XML sitemap and indexing at all.

Here they are some screenshots